Would you Convert your Attic Space?

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It’s been a long held dream of mine, that one day we can afford to develop our loft space into an extra bedroom. In our street of 3 bed, 100 year old Victorian semis, many people have decided to renovate the loft and create an extra room. They’ve gone about it in different ways, using different designs, but the result is always great, as far as I can see.

Many people have asked me though, why consider doing this? Why put yourself and the family through the 3-6 months of builders and mess, just to get an extra bedroom. Why not move instead?

Well yes, that’s a good point, and to be honest if we could afford to move we may well consider it. But, having said that, we have some amazing memories from this, our first real home together, and I know it would be hard to leave. We’ve had amazing birthday celebrations here, our second daughter was born here, and we’ve poured our heart and soul into renovating and decorating this house, turning it into our beloved home.

The renovations have become a little stale in recent years though, and I suspect we’ve become a little bored. Would the challenge of renovating a new home, invigorate us? Or perhaps we just need something to change a little, so we fall back in love with maintaining our home. And so I come back full circle, where we would consider the loft conversion.

I’ve spent a fair bit of time considering how I would want it to look. We’ve even drawn up some of our own plans, incorporating various design aspects and interior decor schemes. For example, I know I want it to look airy, and minimal with lots of clever storage. I want it to have lots of light, with windows and blinds like those from the VELUX shop.

I want it to be a haven of tranquility and relaxation, where the adults go to escape the busy house when they need some time out; a grown up space or hideout! Do you have a space like this in your home? Would you like one?

We’re giving this loft conversion idea more consideration now, particularly as the girls are growing older and we need a little more space.

Are you considering any major house renovations in the near future?

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