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My family are here visiting us as it’s the school holidays, and we spent a lovely afternoon in the sunshine yesterday, tidying up the garden, pulling weeds and mowing the lawn. I love and hate this time of year in equal measure, when it comes to the garden. Yes, everything is coming to life after the dull and dreary Winter, but the weeds start to emerge as quickly as the plants which I find a little soul destroying.  However, with a little help and a few hours’ work, I’ve managed to clear the borders and tidy the strawberry patch. The newly planted Raspberry bushes seem to be thriving too, so hopefully we will have some fruit from them this year.

The one thing I’d love to add to the garden, now the children are older is a pond. After looking at the pond in A Beautiful Space‘s garden recently, I’m inspired to see if this is something we could put into our garden. Of course you do have to be careful with young children, but mine are older now and we could ensure it, and they are safe.


contemporary pond

I’ve always dreamed of having a contemporary, zen-like space and pond, creating something magical like the above. In reality this would probably cost too much and be too difficult to build in our suburban garden. I know the girls would absolutely adore jumping from stone to stone on something like this, so it would bring happiness all round!

To be fair, it’s more likely we would have something more traditional, like this one.

traditional pond

I love the way this design works so naturally with its surroundings, and it doesn’t look forced or contrived, it’s just part of nature. We already have a water feature in the garden, installed when we first designed it all about 9 years ago. Unfortunately, the pump hasn’t been working so I’ve been looking over at Swell UK for a new one – I do like their range of ponds and accessories, so I’d ensure the pond pump was a good one from the start.

I still have a lot of research to do on ponds, to be able to create something that works with our garden, and that we are able to maintain easily. Wish me luck!

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