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Welcome to a new little feature that I’m writing each week where I’ll be looking at something stylish, whether from the world of fashion, beauty, home or food. This week I’m showcasing some of the lovely offerings from the French Connections Homewares range which I find just delectable.

To be completely honest I never actually knew that French Connection had much of a homes range but it does, and as you might expect it’s extremely stylish, very pared back and would look great in a modern, or contemporary setting. In the image below you can see a few of my top picks.

French Connection homeware

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I must admit I was quite surprised by the range on offer at French Connection, pleasantly surprised. I know this won’t be for everyone but for those of you that like your home interiors simple and functional, French Connection will be for you. But what about the prices. Well they’re not bargain basement but are pretty reasonable for the designs that are on offer.

Let’s look at some of the bigger pieces. The fabulous pallet style, sandblasted coffee table retails for £275 and I think is my favourite piece of all of them. Teamed with the blue and white striped rug, currently on sale for £70 – 50% of its original price, with white accessories and splashes of colour here and there it would look stunning. I love the general rustic feel of the items. Take the Wooden block side table for example. Made from Mango with a high lustre and natural grain finish this would work equally well as a lamp table, small stool or a statement piece in the corner of the room. Teamed with angular sofas, plush textures and neutral colours, the makings of a Scandi look are well on the way.

Shelving at French Connection is very interesting too. As you can see in the image, the antique white shelving system as quite an industrial feel to it with chains and bolts being used along some of the connections. Designed to lean against the wall, line up several in one go for a real style statement. For £180 each I think they’re pretty individual and very different. They would certainly make a beautiful feature in any home and offer practical storage solutions too.

From a style perspective you can’t fault French Connection. If this minimal, Scandi style is for you then you will love it. I haven’t featured too many on my moodboard, but a hunt around the website shows some lovely key accessories like vases, lighting, candles and sumptuous bedding. It’s all very natural with organic materials and textures. I’m sure the quality will be excellent too so I’m hunting through the sale items to see what I could snaffle in without the OH finding out or noticing. Mmm… time to go shopping!

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