Small Bedroom Dilemma and Bed Makeover

We’ve had a very busy weekend making over Miss R’s bedroom. Well it’s not really a full makeover but the room really needed some attention as it was getting out of hand. It’s the smallest room in the house you see and she’s a hoarder, a combination that was never meant to work out. The room had become unmanageable and needed some serious sorting before Santa visits in a few weeks’ time.

So we’d been thinking for a while about changing her bed. Originally we’d put in a lovely white sleigh bed frame that we all loved yet it soon became apparently that it wasn’t the best use of the space. She grew up a little and wanted a desk like her sister but the room really couldn’t handle it and to be honest all we ever did was dump paper, clothes and toys on it. I think she hardly ever used it as a desk. Furthermore, as with most children’s rooms, storage was becoming an issue and there just wasn’t enough space to house all the books, bags and treasures. Drastic measures were called for.

I know you’re dying to see how it looked so here are some pictures I took at the weekend as we started to filter out all the junk! As you can see, the bed had been cleared as had the boxes from underneath it, and a lot of the toys from the shelves.

Bedroom makeover before

As you may know, over on my other blog Love Chic Living, I’m looking at home accessories and interiors all the time so we knew that a cabin bed could be good for us. Looking at the children’s bedroom furniture range at Argos we could see a few that would be suitable, that didn’t break the bank and had seemingly decent reviews. (I always like looking at the reviews!). As part of this post Argos were able to help towards the cost so, after some deliberation I went to make the order, and to my delight found a big sale with over £50 off the bed! Great news, we could treat her to a new mattress (also reduced) too.

We chose the Classic Whitewashed Mid Sleeper which comes with a slide out desk and 4-drawer chest. One of the main issues in her room is not enough to drawer space so this was going to be great for us. The higher bed would allow for better toy storage underneath and the smaller, integrated desk would take up less space.

After hours of decluttering, filling charity/ebay bags and generally have a really good sort we got her room to a point where the new bed could be built. With such a small room we had to pretty much empty it to allow enough space to bring in the new bed. It comes in 2 boxes, one mainly for the bed pieces and another for the desk and chest. Several hours later the bed frame was done so she could sleep in it, and the next morning we finished the chest and the desk. My husband is pretty handy at this sort of thing but even for him it was a long-winded job (although it doesn’t help having a 6 yr old helper!)

And so here we go, the finished result. Doesn’t the room look so much better?

Bedroom makeover after

Our Verdict:

The bed frame itself is great. Very sturdy and well made. The chest of drawers is probably not so good, but the reviews had pretty much said that so I knew what to expect. I think if you’re paying just £300 for such a big piece of furniture like this there are going to be compromises somewhere. The desk is great though, although I don’t think we would ever slide it away because of all the books on the integrated bookshelf.

In the top picture you can just see the boxes underneath the bed and although it was too dark to get a good photograph, believe that there is lots of space behind the chest and under the bed. It’s easy for Miss R to crawl under and pull the boxes out too which was another problem with the other bed; some of the boxes got stuck and she couldn’t manage on her own. And you can see that the wardrobe has moved and the shelving has been tidied.

This move has been a huge success and we are all thrilled! Miss R, of course loves the high bed. We are pleased with the price and quality from Argos, and the amount of space it has generated in this small bedroom. If you’re looking for more ideas or tips on how to get the most out of a small bedroom do take a look here.

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