Kid’s Bedroom Makeover – Stylish Rooms for Stylish Kids

Today’s guest post has some top tips for renovating a kid’s bedroom, and do check out my Pinterest board or my homes blog, Love Chic Living for further inspiration.

Tips for a child's bedroom makeover

Most aspects of having children can prove to be fairly hectic, especially when it comes to decorating their rooms. There’s no denying it, children are particularly messy creatures and often think of their bedroom walls as an extension of their drawing pad – what darling creatures! As such, re-vamping their room often needs doing more frequently than you’d like.

Luckily, there are plenty of wonderful options when it comes to easy décor for kid’s rooms, and there is an abundance of inspiration available on mama blogs and creative websites such as Pinterest. Whether you’re decorating for a tiny tot or an almost teenager, here are just a few things to think about before you start.

Steer Clear of Characters

Although Elsa and Ana might be at the top of your child’s current wish list, in just a few months, there are likely to have been a number of other characters they are likely to have fallen in love with. Steering clear of character themed rooms can save you from having to redecorate as their tastes change.

Instead, opt for neutrals and add framed pictures of easy peel vinyl décor which will allow you to swap and change with ease. Why not create a feature wall using mix and match frames. As their tastes change, simply replace the picture, photo or clipping you’ve framed for something that suits them a little more. Alternatively, if your children are the creative types, why not paint their walls with chalkboard paint and allow them to express themselves -without ruining the paintwork.

Storage Made Easy

Storage (or lack of it) is a major issue when it comes to kid’s rooms, with so many toys and so little space. Although plastic boxes can be filled to the brim and stacked, this is not a look that is in-keeping with the rest the rooms furnishings and décor. When it comes to storage solutions, it’s time to get creative and steer away from unsightly and cheap looking storage offerings.

Scour your local carboot sales, house sales and vintage furniture warehouses for old sports lockers or metal boxes. Don’t worry if they look a tad rundown, it’s nothing a lick of paint won’t fix and a vintage fixture is guaranteed to add plenty of character to the room, as well as providing you with a stylish disguise for toys, books and games.
Pick Furniture That Will Last

One key thing to remember when decorating for children is to ensure that you pick furniture that is built to last such as the beds available from BedzRUs, and it will stay looking great as they grow older too. As they grow up and their tastes change, you can easily refresh and change the look of the furniture along the years by simply painting it or varnishing it an alternative colour.

These are just a few simple ideas to remember when decorating for children, but there are plenty of other simple things you can do too. Get creative and don’t be afraid to experiment.

Tips for a stylish kid's bedroom makeover

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