Jesus Christ Superstar DVD Review

jesus christ superstar dvd review

This time last year I was lucky enough to go and see the Arena Tour of Jesus Christ Superstar featuring Ben Forster, Tim Minchin, Melanie Chisholm and Chris Moyles. It was on at the Capital One Arena in Nottingham and I went with a friend as a birthday treat. I’d seen Ben, Tim and Mel C on the Jonathan Ross show performing one of the songs and I was hooked. I’m a big Tim Minchin fan anyway, and knew he would be incredible in this but little did I know how incredible the whole experience would be.

If you know me personally, you’ll know how much I love to sing and how much I love musical theatre. Being in the same room (ok, arena) as some of the most talented performers makes the hairs on the back of my neck stand on end. It quite simply fills me the biggest joy to hear such amazing voices and see such wonderful shows. So as you can imagine, seeing the Arena Tour in front of thousands of people was just breathtaking.

The end of last month saw another birthday (I try to forget these days) and a little bundle of gifts including the Jesus Christ Superstar DVD, so I thought I’d do a review. Mainly I’ve been drawn to writing about it because of the impact it’s had on the children. They knew nothing of it, of course, until I put it on. And then there were hooked. Totally. Utterly. Completely.

I can safely say the DVD has been played for at least an hour a day after school, sometimes more. Miss R, 6 knows a lot of the words and could easily play understudy for Mary Magdalene. They have favourite songs, laugh along with Chris Moyles’ King Herod and marvel at the story of Jesus. We aren’t a religious family but this has really drawn them in and Miss R has even asked for a children’s Bible from Santa.

I can’t express enough how stunning Ben Forster is when he sings the very famous Gethsemane, and Tim Minchin steals the show at times with a powerful, modern Judas. If you get chance to see the actual show it’s a must, but the DVD is still the next best thing.

Here’s Ben as Jesus, singing his incredible version of Gethsemane:

It might not be your thing (it’s driving my Husband mad at the moment) but if it is, this is as good as it comes!


The DVD is available on Amazon for £11.47.

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  1. I think this is the ideal Christmas Gift for a good friend of mine actually, thanks for that! She must have seen the show at least 25 times (no joke!) and made me go with her once or twice. My favourite show was definitely at the beautiful Richmond theatre where a very elderly man who must have thought it was a serious reenactment of the bible started shouted “blasphemy blasphemy” half way through the show and had to be dragged out by his walking stick by his mortified daughter…
    Emma recently posted…Vienna by NightMy Profile

  2. Ooooh, I’d love to see this at the theatre. I used to watch lots of musicals before having children. xx
    Emma recently posted…Make a Jet PackMy Profile

  3. Can you believe I have never seen a musical in person?! I hang my head in shame
    Mammasaurus recently posted…28. How Does Your Garden Grow?My Profile

  4. I have decided I am officially old as I have no idea who Tim Minchin is.
    domestic goddesque recently posted…Coffee Gift for TeachersMy Profile

  5. Good call, I hadn’t even thought of that as a gift…. my Mum would love it, and we’ve just bought her a DVD player that’s simple enough for her to use herself so, it’s Downtown Abbey for her birthday, and Jesus Christ for Christmas, apt…
    Ali Clifford recently posted…Toffee ApplesMy Profile

  6. Hangs head in shame I’ve only heard of Chris Moyles out of that lot. Glad you enjoyed it though and had a good birthday.
    pinkoddy recently posted…TRH Robin Craft & TinyMe Book #Review #GiveawayMy Profile

  7. I LOVE LOVE LOVE the theatre and would love this in my Christmas stocking! I shall be singing all evening now. If my OH complains …. I shall send him your way!
    Donna @ Little Lilypad Co recently posted…Letters to SantaMy Profile

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