How to Instill Confidence in your Child

I’ve thought long and hard about how to do this in my own children, and so welcome this great guest post onto the blog today.

Have you thought about how to instill confidence in your child?

Instilling confidence

A parent can build a child’s self-esteem by influencing the type of environment they grow up in – making sure those around them have a positive influence, making sure their talents are nurtured and giving them responsibilities are just a few examples. Ultimately it shouldn’t be a difficult task to instill confidence in your child. Simply do what comes naturally such as giving them love and attention, having fun with them and responding to their needs.

Identify and Nurture Your Child’s Talents

Everyone is born with a talent in something. Find what child is good at and enjoys doing and enable them to develop their skills. Be realistic about what your child can achieve. Nobody is perfect and nobody should strive to be. Perfectionism paralyses you from action. Recognise your child’s talents as well as their weaknesses and aim to encourage their abilities without being pushy, while also helping them work on their weaknesses. It’s important for your child to see improvement and feel more confident as a result. Remember, we can all excel in being ourselves. Your child should know that your love does not depend on your approval of their performance.

Don’t Allow Comparisons with Others

In today’s society children are all-too-often measured against others. Exam results provide an easy opportunity for comparisons. But a child should be made to believe in their own intrinsic value and be taught that everyone has talents and to take pride in those. It’s dangerous to allow children to compare themselves to others and you should encourage them not to do this. Tell your child that it is more important to you that they do their best rather than who they beat. They should be encouraged to feel pride in their own unique talents and be grateful for what they have.

Give Your Child Responsibilities

Children love helping out around the home. They observe you all the time and will want to copy your cleaning and tidying. Use this to everyone’s advantage! From the age of two onwards a child can be given small tasks to do to help with family life. Tidying away their toys or picking up leaves in the garden for example. Helping others will also make them feel good and have a positive effect on their confidence levels.

Monitor Your Child’s School Life and Friends

Take care choosing the school your child attends. Make sure you are happy with their values. The adults around your child such as teachers, childminders and family members will all have an influence on your child depending on how much time they spend with them. The people around your child and the school they go to should have a positive influence, helping your child have a positive outlook. If you notice that anyone is having a negative effect on your child do what you can to avoid contact with them. If appropriate you could speak to the person in question about your concerns.

Hire a Private Tutor

It’s becoming increasingly popular to hire a private tutor to supplement your child’s education. All children will be better in some subjects than others and it is normal that some subjects will require more effort and study than others. Keep an eye on how your child is coping with their various subjects and ask their teacher for feedback. If there is a subject that your child is struggling with you could consider hiring a private tutor. At Fleet Tutors there is a great network of tutors and education experts who can instil confidence in your child and fast-track their educational attainment by tailoring their teaching to the needs of your child. The pride a child will feel if they are good at a subject will help their confidence soar.

How to instill confidence in children

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