How to Get a Good Night’s Sleep

We’ve all been there at some point: counting sheep, watching the clock, anticipating the alarm, and anything else that means we are not actually doing what we should be doing — sleeping. When a glass of warm milk before bed and an eye mask just aren’t doing the job, there are a few other ways to get that much-needed shut eye:

How to get a good nights sleep

Sleep in complete comfort
Whether it’s a hard mattress that helps you sleep or a soft and squishy one, make sure that your sleeping matches to your specific needs. Avoid garish wallpaper and any decor in your room that may act as a distraction. Aim for maximum comfort: and keep duvet covers and pillow cases fresh and ensure that your mattress is supportive and not past its sell-by date. This will give you a much better chance of snoozing through.
Regulate your body clock
Make sure, as much as possible, that you keep your bedtime and waking time at similar hours every day. A sporadic sleep timetable will throw the body into confusion, making it difficult to consistently get a good night’s sleep; regulating your body clock will allow your mind and body get used to when they should be alert and when they should switch off.

Associate your bed with leep
Many of us are guilty of lying in bed wide awake for some time in the hope that we’ll eventually drift off to sleep. In reality, if you’re not really sleepy, this is unlikely to happen. Make certain that you associate your bed with a sleepy head — go elsewhere to watch television, read a book, or surf the internet; when you’re feeling like you’re going to nod off again, seize the moment to head back to the bedroom and get that rest.

Evaluate your room
Your sleep environment should ideally be between 60 and 70 degrees, free from noise, and free from light. Ensure that there are no flashing appliances on throughout the night and no noisy fans keeping rest at bay. Keeping cool and calm is the recipe for a great night’s sleep.

Exercise daily

Everyone knows that exercise is good for your overall health. More than that, however, being on the move throughout the day will prepare you for complete rest at night. Although vigorous exercise is the best way to set you up for that night time slumber, any form of mild activity is better than nothing.

With these tips in mind, you should be able to wake up bright and breezy for work or for getting the kids off to school, rather than bleary eyed from not having slept the night before. Watch how your mood and even your quality of life change for the better!


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