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Miss E is approaching 10 years old now, and I can’t quite believe that. She has her own style, her own likes and dislikes and she can be very vocal about them. We’re moving into the tween years where she’ll develop more of her own opinions and become much more of an individual. Part of me is proud and excited whilst the other part is dreading it! One of the things she’s very passionate about is her room. She likes it to be exactly how she likes it and all hell can break loose if we touch or move anything.

I know that a child’s room, or rather the condition of that room can be a real bone of contention within families. Although Miss E loves her room, she’s not organised or tidy and being a crafter she can make a huge mess in her bedroom which she then struggles to clear up. I know she’s like lots of other kids her age, and at the end of the day it’s not going to affect our lives drastically, so we try not to argue about it. It’s her space and we help her do a major declutter every once in a while, when she needs it.

Funnily enough though she’s become really passionate about the decor in her room. She’s been watching The Great Interior Design Challenge, and I think because the amateur designers are very much into crafting, she’s become a little addicted. It’s lovely to see actually. I’m sure she picks a little up from me as well, but she really cares about the design of her room. We’ve been talking about how she might like to make her room look more grown-up for her in the next few days. Apparently some stylish wallpaper is going to be required, as well as some better artwork on the walls (better means less girly!) and a more stylish blind. She’s clear that nothing should be too flowery but she was quite taken with the roller blind in the image above from Blindsuk.net. I like the vintage feel, and she likes the muted colours. It’s appealing to me too that Blinds UK has a child safe roller blind range so at least that gives parental peace of mind when your child spends so much time in their room.

I’ve taught her that it’s good to have a starting point when she’s designing the look of her room, and we’ve discussed making a mooboard too. I can see I’m going to have my work cut out in the next few years, but hopefully I’m stearing her in the right design direction!

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  1. My daughter is also passionate about decorating and recently we thought about giving her room a little make-over. So your article actually helped us. We bought some patterned blinds from this company and they look really pretty. I was impressed how accessories can complete the whole appearance of a room. I will certainly tell all of my friends about them!

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