Dr Cool Science Kits Review

We’ve been testing out some of these digging kits recently, and the girls have had a great time with them.

We were sent 3 sets of Dr. Cool Science Kits, and they provided hours of really good, educational fun. And we aren’t finished yet!

Dr Cool Science Kits

Mine For Fossils:

Fossil digging

This appeared to be the favourite, and the girls wanted to try this one out first. In fact, they fought over it a little so had to take turns! INcluded in the kit is a large excavation brick, excavation tools, an activity booklet and 10 real fossils with an adventure guide. Digging out the fossils takes time, so I’d recommend giving younger children a little help so they don’t lose interest. Once the find the first one though, they’re off and can’t wait to discover more. Remember it’s messy too, and very dusty once they start excavating, so cover your table well, and give the children an apron. We loved this one, definitely educational and really good fun.

Gemstone Dig Kit:

Gemstone science kit

Included in this kit is the digging block, excavation tools, an adventure guide and 3 real gem specimens – a quartz crystal, an amethist, and a tigers eye. We loved the appearance of the digging block, and like the fossil kit, it was quite dense and sturdy. Whilst this makes it more tricky for the younger children, it does mean the fun isn’t over in a few minutes. It took quite a few sessions to dig out the gems, and the girls spent plenty of time with the activity book learning about their discoveries.

Red Crystal Growing Kit:

Included in this kit is the crystal growing powder, a real argonite specimen, adventure guie and activity booklet. The Adventure guide contains lots of really useful and interesting informaotih about crystals which fascintated the girls, and linked in well to some activities that were happening in school that week. After a few days we managed to grow our argonite, which is much better that other kits we’ve tried. All in all, a resounding success.

I can’t recomment these kits enough. The quality is excellent, they work, and the children really enjoyed working with them. Great for gifts when the Crystal and Gem kits cost around £10 each, and the Fossil Mining £30.

You can purchase all of these kits from the Dr Cool page on Amazon. Do let me know what you think of the Dr Cool Science Kits review below. Would you be interested in these kits for your children?

We were sent the Dr. Cool kits for free, but all comments and opinions are honest and genuine.

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