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We’d been meaning to visit for a long time, but finally with the weather turning and some time off, we decided to head for a day out to Belton House, a beautiful period property and gardens owned by the National Trust. This was a couple of weeks ago now, and I’ve been meaning to show some of these images, along with the first outing of my brand new Trespass walking boots given to me for review. Finally, I’m really pleased to have put it together. And looking back at these images brings a big smile to my face.

Belton House is just outside Grantham, in Lincolnshire, about a 45 minute drive from us. Unfortunately, we decided to visit on Easter Monday…. along with the rest of the East of England population. Our 45 minute journey turned into a 2 hour marathon as we queued and queued. At one point we almost abandoned the day, but thankfully we persevered and although it wasn’t a visit of solitude, it was memorable nonetheless.

Belton HouseThe house and grounds are just incredible. Beautifully looked after by the National Trust and vast too. We could have stayed much longer and discovered much more of the gardens.

I love this moody, pre-teen mope on the bench. She looks deep in thought, and was still recovering from the mamouth journey at this point. And it was time for some food.

Quiet contemplation

Belton picnicAlthough the sun was shining, the weather hadn’t been great for a few days leading up to our trip, so I was pleased I’d worn my new Trespass walking boots to protect my feet. My last pair of Trespass boots had lasted me years but were starting to fall to pieces, so it was a timely email that arrived, asking me to try out a new pair of Spring walking shoes.

These are much more robust than my last pair. I love the way they hug the ankle providing extra grip and support, ideal for long walks up muddy hills. They lace easily and were surprisingly comfortable on the first wear, keeping my feet warm and dry as we yomped around the gardens.

Sitting comfortably

I thought they looked pretty cool against some of the tapestry rugs on the inside of Belton House too. One of the features that drew me to choose this pair in particular was the striking flashes of blue. They look so good, I’d even wear these on the school run in the winter when the weather is bad.

Trespass shoes

But, back to the beauty and glory of Belton House. We spent a long time wandering in and around the actual house itself, discovering and learning as we went. The girls love this kind of afternoon, and each had a map, taking it in turns to lead the way. National Trust volunteers were on hand to offer interesting pieces of history, and to ensure husbands didn’t touch things they shouldn’t!

Belton interior

The detail in some of this decor is just stunning. Often we forget to look up when we’re inside, but I couldn’t miss this incredible ceiling.

Grand interiors

If you know me well, you’ll understand my love of all things home interior, and this beautiful Asian inspired wallpaper really caught my eye. Apparently it was in storage for decades before it was actually put up.

Chines style walls

Belton house room

Back outside the children were jumping for joy at the appearance of the sun. I just love this shot of E against the blue door in a courtyard.

Jumping for joy

Belton Blue door

It was actually much colder than it looks, but the sun brought the gardens to life and really put the bounce in our step. (Not that I needed it with the new Trespass shoes, of course!).

Belton house gardens

Belton gardens

I think we’ll go back another day when, hopefully, it’s not so busy and we can get more time to explore the grounds. There was so much we missed.

If you want to kit yourself out with some new Trespass gear either for yourself or the children, head on over their website for a browse. The shoes I’m wearing cost £79.99 and you can find them here.

If you want to find out more about Belton House and the National Trust, all the details are on their website.


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