Creating a Family Friendly Kitchen

What are the main ingredients enabling us to create the ideal family kitchen? What factors and features are important in a family home and the kitchen in particular. Many of us want the kitchen to be the hub of the home, the place were family congregates to eat, socialise and play. For this to happen, we need to create a room that appeals to everyone and that fits our family perfectly. It’s not always easy and we don’t always get it right, but with a little guidance, creativity and imagination, it can be done.

Family Friendly Decor:

There’s a common misconception that you can’t have white or pale walls in a family home. Admittedly, the kitchen can become grubbier that other rooms due to the daily cooking, but there are paints available now that help overcome this issue. Take the new Valspar paint range for example which I reviewed on my other blog. After  a few weeks’ drying time, it can be scrubbed clean, making it ideal for using in family homes. So, paint colours really are up to you, and there’s nothing to stop you choosing the colour palette of your dreams for your family friendly kitchen.

Extra Touches:

Choosing paint colour is just one accept of creating a family friendly kitchen. Thinking of extra ways to make your kitchen a special place for everyone. You may want to incorporate a Kinetico 3 Way Tap for example, giving you perfect drinking water for the children, or you might like to add a blackboard chalk wall to the corner of the room, where you and the children can leave each other messages. You might want to incorporate stools or steps to give the children easy access to the countertops or even give them their own area in a cupboard where they can store their cooking equipment.


A Place to Eat:

If you want the family to gather in the kitchen for more than just loading the dishwasher, creating a space to eat is one of the key factors. If you don’t have much space, think about converting a small area to a breakfast bar, or having a fold away table and chairs. If you’re blessed with a larger kitchen, can you incorporate a dining table? There are lots of stunning styles available and you’re sure to find one that suits the space. This Bramante table from extends to accommodate all of the family and visiting guests too.

Bramante table

Have a big enough table and you’re also creating a space where children can do their homework and their craft activities.

Have you been able to create a family friendly kitchen in your home? Are there other ideas that you would implement? Do let me know.

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