Christmas Gifts: Homemade Hot Chocolate in a Jar

Homemade Hot Chocolate in a Jar

There’s something special about giving a homemade gift at Christmas. I know I love receiving them so I’m hoping the family enjoy those gifts we’ve made for them this year. I was sent a fabulous book, Make it in a Jar packed full of interesting recipes and gift ideas, that can all be made in a jar.

So I took myself off to my local craft store and topped up the craft box and bought myself half  dozen good value mason jars. The girls and I had decided to make the Indulgent Peppermint Hot Chocolate as it seemed like the perfect homemade Christmas gift, and we thought it would be great as a teacher present too.

Make it in a Jar

Homemade Hot Choc in a Jar

My husband’s family has a Christmas get together at the beginning of December so it was important that any food gift we made them would stay fresh until Christmas, the beyond. This recipe is good in the jar for 3 months so seemed perfect for the job.

The book, Make it in a Jar is just lovely, with great photography and easy to follow recipes. Once we had the ingredients assembled, the girls started weighing out the correct amounts for each jar and began filling them. The layers were easy to maintain; just a few hard knocks after each layer to omit any air and to flatten out the ingredients. Both girls enjoyed chopping the mint sticks, and maybe a few were consumed along the way, but after 15 minutes all the jars were filled and we think they look pretty good.

I used some patterned sticky plastic from a roll to cover the lids and add a Christmassy feel, and then tied the ribbon and added a tag with some further instructions. The recipient needs to add some milk or hot water in a pan and stir until all ingredients are absorbed. We’ve saved a jar for ourselves and look forward to trying it out.

Hot Choc

There are lots of recipes in this jar that we fancy trying out. Not all need to be sealed and kept though, some are just interesting ways to serve well known recipes, such as Macaron Cheese, a firm favourite in this house. But for the minute that’s on hold as the book is doing the rounds with some friends, all keen to give the hot chocolate jars a go for their Christmas gifts this year.


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