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Do You Make Lists?

To Do list

Image: Sean MacEntee Are you a list maker? I know I am. In fact it’s an essential part of my day and I can’t begin until I’ve made the list for the day. It started back when I worked full time for an IT company and things were very hectic. I had so much to do I didn’t know where ... Read More »

The Gallery: Green

Herb garden rosemary

A few months ago I decided I really needed to upgrade my camera. We had a compact that was a few years old but was really out of date so I’d been taking lots of images on my phone, and as good as it is, it’s really not good enough for the blog. My other blog, Love Chic Living really ... Read More »

Holiday Fashion: Outfits for Girls

girls dresses from Next

It’s been a frantic few weeks of buying and trying on new clothes and shoes. Normally I’m not one for complaining about shopping (not many women do, right?) but trying to buy a wardrobe full of summer clothes for me and the 2 girls for our Greek holiday in a few weeks’ time has been problematic. Both girls have their ... Read More »

How to Make an Animal Zoo with Red Ted Art

childrens easy craft

My children laugh at me because generally, ‘I don’t do Craft’ ! However since the launch of Maggie Woodley’s Red Ted Art book a couple of weeks ago, I have gone up in their estimations. Maggie and I shared a morning of Egg decoration together and having heard so much about her from my good friend Becky Goddard-Hill I decided to ... Read More »

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