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Today’s Guest Post has some ideas to consider if you want to makeover your beauty routine. Enjoy!


There it is – the horror of another morning. You wake up bleary-eyed at 6am, awaiting your first glimpse in the mirror like some people await a prison sentence. And when you finally stare into the glass, it ain’t a pretty sight.

You’ve got more wrinkles than a deflated balloon, more spots than an awkward teenager and skin greasy enough to power a deep fat fryer for six months. When will the horrors end?!?

Well, they’ll end when you’ve got your beauty regime in check. So, hit up some of these tips and you’ll find your first look in the mirror doesn’t have to resemble a horror film.

Get the right make up

You probably see them on the street all the time – those fashion disasters with more make up than sense.

They’ll walk by with a thousand layers of orange foundation and more mascara than a Boy George tribute act. But all those weighty cosmetics aren’t helping your pores any.

They are, in fact, suffocating them, creating unsightly spots and dry skin. But mineral make up could be the perfect solution. Instead of that cakey crud from the high street, mineral cosmetics won’t suffocate your skin – and they’ll give you a more even skin tone.

So start your mornings without becoming a fashion victim.

Fight fit

Do you regularly slob around like you were a member of the Royle family? Then the root of your problems is clear. Without a healthy dose of exercise, your skin will be dodgier than Dodgy Dave, the cagey cockney selling moody jewellery out of a van with bricks instead of tires.

This is, in part, thanks to blood circulation. With a regular workout, the blood will flow more easily and give your skin a healthy glow.

But if you struggle to get off the couch in a morning, try small doses of exercise whenever you can. Even the smallest amount of daily effort can boost your complexion.

Chow down on goodness

Inhaling a Domino’s pizza and washing it down with a bottle of Coke is tempting, but it’s hardly going to stave off the greasiness in your skin. You might as well lather yourself up in full-fat butter and be done with it.

Change your weekly shop from junk foods to health foods and teach yourself how to cook them appealingly. Fill those culinary concoctions with as many portions of fruit and veg as you can and you’ll have a trimmer figure.

Zesty lemon juice, tangy beets and scintillating sauces can all be used to give the blandest of foodstuffs some pop. Meals are what you make of them, so buy superfoods for your home and see your complexion soar.

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