25 Ways to Create a Family Friendly Home

We spend so much time in our homes, it’s important to ensure it’s suitable for everyone in the family, from the babies and children through to the older generation. There are lots of ways you can incorporate design ideas and finishing touches that make your home safe and fun for all ages. Here are some of my top tips for creating a family friendly home.

25 Tips to create a family friendly home

1. Generally make the house easy to move around, free of clutter and obstacles.

2. De-clutter regularly, at least every 6 months to discard unwanted and unused items.

3. Clean up each week, and have the family all pitch in to ensure a dust free environment.

4. Use a rota for cooking, cleaning and all household chores so everyone chips in and take responsibility.

5. Decorate with tough, wipeable paint. This range from Valspar can be scrubbed.

6. Use patterns, print and designs that all the family can enjoy, keep your home looking fun.

7. Have bright, energy efficient lighting in all rooms, use a site like Which LED Light to find the best deals.

8. Make frequently used items easy to reach for all ages, such as the kettle, toy boxes, light switches and so on.

9. Storage is really important so give this careful planning in all rooms.

10. Don’t underestimate how useful a mirror can be, both for making a space seem bigger, and checking your appearance.

11. Have a place where keys can be kept, preferably out of view of the front door.

12. Similarly have a safe place for phones, tables and music players where they can be stored when not in use.

13. Keep precious items on high shelves when you have toddlers and young children.

14. Don’t forget a fire guard when the fire is in use, to protect children and your surrounding furniture.

15. If you have a large family, you’ll need a large fridge. Try out an American fridge freezer like this one.

16. Equally, you’ll need the best shower and bath combo you can afford.

17. Hard wearing flooring is a must in a hallway, and luxury vinyl is really popular now, like this from Harvey Maria.

18. Good coat and shoe storage is essential with a busy family. Make sure you plan this in.

19. Similarly, you’ll need a spot to store scooters, skateboards and other sporting paraphernalia.

20. Incorporate some maps so you can update the places you’ve visited as a family. Travel is a wonderful thing.

21. Make your home accessible to people who have trouble with stairs. Have a downstairs loo if possible.

22. Books can be a great source of comfort to many people, incorporate a bookcase where you can.

23. Make your home feel spacious by adding mirrors, lights, open plan living and furniture on legs.

24. Don’t forget the outside space too, and make your front door clutter free and attractive.

25. Above all, love your home and everyone in it will love it too.

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